Sven, a Dweorg Troll Hunter stands ready.

The term Dweorg is the Old English version of the modern term, Dwarf. A long time ago in the History of the Dweorg they heralded from Earth, but through a complex chain of events known as the Exodus they found themselves light-years away from Earth and surrounded by many an enemy and few allies. The name that was once a term to single out their differences to their fellow Homo-sapiens became, over countless generations, a term of pride.

Over the generations the height of a Dweorg has averaged out to 4 ft 6 inches for the average Male and Female Dweorg, though they can grow as tall as 4 ft 11 inches. Their culture has had a heavy ancient Norwegian and Mesopotamian influence which shows in their clothing and iconography.

The Dweorg mainly keep themselves to themselves, not out of xenophobia, but more due to the fact that they are a species focussed on the work at hand and at becoming good at what they turn their hand to. There are some that venture out and mingle with the other species around them. These Dweorg are usually hired as mercenaries for their demolition and engineering skills in combat, Traders that are usually attached to a Dweorg mining consortium, or as individuals looking to explore the galaxy by plying their trade and skills to whoever is in need of them.


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