Anthropomorphic science fiction animals are not and uncommon thing to see these days. In computer games, on TV, in comic books, and even on the table top. Even back in the 90s there were images of Bucky O’hare as well as the ‘Star Fox computer game that were feeding our imaginations. This range is our interpretation of anthropomorphic space adventurers for both role playing and war gaming games. From the Beavarians, to the felines, the Pugwanians, and beyond. Every now and again we will be releasing miniatures for this range. It’s more of a bit of fun for us that we want to share with you. So if you enjoy these miniatures then let us know and we will make more of them.

[mp_product_image product_id=”505″ size=”50″ align=”centre”][mp_product_price product_id=”505″ label=”Feline spy – “]

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[mp_product_image product_id=”116″ size=”50″ align=”centre”][mp_product_price product_id=”116″ label=”Beaverian Lodge Guard – “]

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[mp_product_image product_id=”512″ size=”50″ align=”centre”][mp_product_price product_id=”512″ label=”Pugwanian Mercenary 1 – “]

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[mp_product_image product_id=”516″ size=”50″ align=”centre”][mp_product_price product_id=”516″ label=”Pugwanian Mercenary 2 – “]

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