Want to resell our ranges? We are a small company, but we can offer reseller prices for minimum orders of 10 of each item. For more information please fill in the questionaire and contact form below.

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4) Will you be selling:
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Please fill out at least one of the check boxes above. If you are a club then please go straight to section 7 and fill out as much information as possible about your club including website (if any), The name of the governing members, the number of member, and for what reason you are requesting a reseller account with us. Thank you.

5) If you are going to be selling in a physical store or event stall will you be willing to display flyers of our products on our behalf?

6) Do you have an on-line store?

6a) If 'Yes' to part 6 then please put your website address in the field below.

7) If you have any further questions, information to submit, or suggestions then please place them in the text box below

8) Please fill out the recaptcha verification window below then click send.

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