Breaching the Rift – The Skirmish Game

Project Status For:, Breaching the Rift - The Skirmish Game

Project Description

Below is the project status and information so that you can see where we are and follow the process. We try to update this section as much as possible, but this can sometimes be delayed due to work loads.

Project Timing

  • Start Date: 11-18-2016
  • Predicted End: 01-25-2020

Current Tasks

Running Alpha play-tests and preparing 10.19 of the rules to be rolled out to the testers. Artwork concepts ongoing.

Current Holds

Everything is going ahead fine and version 10.1 should be rolled out to the play testers by 07-09-2018.

Project Overview and Overall Progress

20% 20% First Demo game

We will be Play-testing the Alpha rules at Blat-Tastic 2017 to a small audience.

40% 40%Playtesting

At this stage we will have selected some individuals to play-test the game rules to help us develop a cohesive and enjoyable game.

60% 60%Alpha Rules

The Alpha Rules will be created along with some of the fluff for the Sci-Fi fantasy world. The Alpha rules will also be available as a paperback for those that want to have a physical copy.

80% 80%Beta Rules

At this point we will have the first real outing of the game at a medium to large size show where some copies of the Beta rules will be available for sale as paperback books. We are hoping that this will be at our old stomping ground, Crusade in Penarth, Wales in 2020.

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