DWEORG – The Skirmish Game

Project Status For:, DWEORG - The Skirmish Game

Project Description







Project Timing

  • Start Date: 11-18-2016
  • Predicted End: 05-31-2018

Current Tasks

Running Beta Play-tests and preparing for version 9 of the rules to be rolled out to the testers.

Current Holds

Writing version 9 of the rules.

Project Overview and Overall Progress

20% 20% First Demo game

We will be Play-testing the Alpha rules at Blat-Tastic 2017 to a small audience.

40% 40%Playtesting

At this stage we will have selected some individuals to play-test the game rules to help us develop a cohesive and enjoyable game.

60% 60%Beta Rules

The Beta Rules will be created along with all fluff for the Sci-Fi fantasy world.

80% 80%Beta Demo

This will be the first real outing of the game at a medium to large size show where some copies of the Beta rules will be available.

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