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RN-98 Reizen




If you’re looking for a solid, reliable, Void-ready transport ship, then look no further. The RN-98 Reizen is a perfect choice for those long trips across the Void and into the Rift. Fully customisable with the weapon system of your choice this Rift-ship is perfect for small courier, exploration and even habitation.

This model is designed for 1:56 (28mm) wargaming and comes in multiple parts that need to be assembled.

This is a 3D model that comes in 15 parts. Some of the parts may need to be printed out multiple times to finish the model. The quality of the print will completely depend on the settings you have used and the printer/filament you are using.

On purchasing this digital product you are agreeing to use this for personal use and not for commercial use. The distribution or reselling of this product, as a whole or in part, is prohibited and falls under IPR (Intellectual Property Rights) whether modified, in the original format or a derivative of the original.

For more information on counterfeit, piracy and other IPR related issues you can visit https://ec.europa.eu/taxation_customs/business/customs-controls/counterfeit-piracy-other-ipr-violations_enfor the most up to date EU laws and regulations.

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