Mech Armoured Heavy Support Unit


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You get 10% discount off the individual price of the miniatures when you buy this set.

What’s included:

5x Crisis Mech-armour bodies
2x Heavy Pulse Gun sets
2x Reaping Cannon sets
5x Heavy armoured helmets
1x Sgt upgrades set
1x Breacher shield
1x Induction Gun
5x round bases

Only the models mentioned in the description are offered, any other models or scenery in the picture are not included.

Miniatures are cast in polyurethane resin and in some cases the whole miniature or some of the components may be cast in white metal. Wash resin in warm soapy watery before painting to remove any mould release. When sanding, drilling or cutting resin items please wear a dust mask and work in a well ventilated area.

Models are supplied unpainted and require some clean-up and assembly before painting/use.

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