Inktober 2018 part 2

13th October 2018 Gydran Miniatures 0

So, its been a few days since the last #inktober2018 post and John has a few more pictures for us. So lets start the ball rolling with day 9, “PRECIOUS”. One of the options in […]

Inktober 2018 part 1

10th October 2018 Gydran Miniatures 0

This year John has gotten himself involved in the inktober challenge. That’s one ink drawing every day for the entire month of October. For those of you that don’t know how it works you can […]

New products for April

28th April 2018 Gydran Miniatures 0

Its been a little overdue getting them online, but they are now here and available. The Databot, Darri Mortar-bor and the Bahara Drop Troops The Bahara Drop troop set comes as a set of three […]

Mine Guard release

15th September 2015 Gydran Miniatures 0

[mp_product_image product_id=”884″ size=”50″ align=”centre”][mp_product_price product_id=”884″ label=”Space Dwarf (Dweorg) Mine Guard – set A”] [mp_buy_button product_id=”884″] The Sci-fi Dwarf (Dweorg) Mine Guard set has been released bringing a new type of trooper for your army. These […]

Troll Hunter release

27th April 2015 Gydran Miniatures 0

[mp_product_image product_id=”614″ size=”50″ align=”centre”][mp_product_price product_id=”614″ label=”Sci-fi Dwarf Troll Hunter set”] [mp_buy_button product_id=”614″] The Sci-fi Dwarf (Dweorg) Troll Hunter set has been released bringing together the four current Troll Hunter miniatures in one package at a […]