Breaching the Rift in full 3D

Our first 3D printable models.

This month has seen our first fully digital models for printing go up on the store, and why not go big! We had been umming and ahhing for a while as to whether to run a Kickstarter to get them made physically or to do them as a digital download, and eventually the download option won out. It’s a bit of a test run, really, and if its received well then we will probably do more. This doesn’t mean that we won’t be making any resin cast vehicles, on the contrary there are a couple waiting in the wings. What this means is that we are trying to bring more options to our ranges.

The largest of the models we have released is the RN-98 Reizen class Scout/Transporter. This is a full 1:56 scale and is a bit of a beast of a model. It was designed to be modified, as all good space faring vessels inevitably are, and is hollow for the hobbyists that want to put extra detail inside or even add electronics or lights. The front door, windows and engine sections are also hollow/clear too.

The next down the size ladder is are the two shuttle/transports. One is intended as a scenery piece representing a civilian shuttle called the Media Class Shuttle and the other is straight out of the pages of our first novel from the Breaching the Rift universe, Shadow Raid by Peter Grehan. We have created the Predator Incursion Transport for use as both an gaming model and a scenery piece.

These three models are the starting point and we hope to continue to add more to the range in both digital and physical formats. The Breaching the Rift universe is so vast and expansive that there are all manner of ships in many shapes and sizes. It would be great to be able to explore some more of them and bring them to the tabletop.



Straight out of the pages of Shadow Raid by Peter Grehan. The Predator Incursion Transport is ready to get your forces to the ground in one piece.
Commercial shuttles come in all shapes and sizes. The Media Shuttle is a short range, system only, ship.

Do you like the ships we’ve created so far? What would you like to see us create? Let us know by heading over to the Contact page or let us know via any of our social media pages.

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