Inktober 2018 part 2

So, its been a few days since the last #inktober2018 post and John has a few more pictures for us. So lets start the ball rolling with day 9, “PRECIOUS”.

Day 9, “Precious”

One of the options in the upcoming Breaching the Rift skirmish game is to have hired guns and in the Reteytou Universe there is one mercenary Captain of renown called Soledad. Amongst his crew is his Daughter, Aishen. Mot only is she a skilled fighter, but just as fierce as her father. Precious seemed like the right topic to introduce this sassy pirate princess.

Day 10, “FLOWING”

Next up on the offering for Day 10 was this freaky looking fauna both of wayspace and realspace.

Day 11, “CRUEL”

Day 11 saw a Dweorg infected by a Corsytid Colony. The Corsyptid os a sentient fungus that keeps it’s host alive while hijacking its body. The fungus takes over the body in an excruciatingly painful way and locks the victim inside it’s own mind, completely aware of everything that’s going on around it and slowly driving them insane. There are stories that some victims go willingly to be infected and a symbiosis takes place where both Fungus and Neophyte become one.

Day 12, “WHALE”

It was very hard for the drawing from day 12 to not be what it was. John had been wanting to draw this for some time, but also wanted to stay clear of it because it was not a novel idea. It would be an immense sculpt, and who knows. Maybe it will appear in a future expansion of Breaching the Rift under the Space Critters flag.

For now, that’s it. However, we have some more for you in a few days time!
So check back to see what’s next in the #inktober2018 challenge. You can also follow the daily #inktober posts on pur Instagram page, so go check it out!

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