New products for April

The Bahara Drop Troops, ready to deploy on a tabletop near you.

Its been a little overdue getting them online, but they are now here and available. The Databot, Darri Mortar-bor and the Bahara Drop Troops

The Bahara Drop troop set comes as a set of three miniatures with close combat weapons and a Darri designed anti gravity backpack allowing them to descend from drop ships for strategic strikes. These miniatures have been in the works for a while and were released as a part of the Elsor-Varo Kickstarter campaign as 3 extra poses. Though the backpacks and weapons were not designed at the time thew were always destined to be used as an elite and mobile unit.

The set also comes with 3x 30mm bases for you to mount your miniatures on and 3x dwarf skulls for basing. You can purchase the clear stands to give the anti gravity effect separately either from our accessories page or from other online retailers.

The next two up on the list are the two new Robots for our Robots and Drones line. The models were 3D printed and cast in quality resin. Both kits are multi-part and come with bases for you to mount them on.



The Darri Mortar-bot comes with a Magni-Launcher mounted on its back, ready to rain a barrage on your enemies.
The Databot is a bot of many uses. From being used as an objective, to a NPC in your RPG games. Either way he’s a fun miniature to have in your collection.

These releases are now available in our online store and will make an excellent addition to your forces as either supportive roles, or as characters.

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