Pelegian Kickstarter: Updates and pictures

... and then there were three!

Torg, Arl and the Seer all packed up in the bags, before being sent to the casters. Currently in the casting queue.

Hi all,

We have had all of the Jhorka Miniatures cast up and returned to us. It’s quite impressive to see them all lined up. We have also finished the Beaverians and they are currently with the casters.


We’re waiting for the masters to be done and then the production moulds. We will be getting a hold of the first few casts for us to put together, so as soon as we do we will update you with a plethora of pictures and possibly even a video.

We have also been quite busy with some large commissions recently, hence the radio silence on the website (something we are planning to rectify). So, now they are out of the way we can get back to sculpting the Pugs, getting on with the new commissions and prepping for the next Dweorg Kickstarter which is on the horizon. For now though, that’s it.

See you all in the next post.




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