The Pelegian, Space Critters, Kickstarter

It’s January 2018 & we are currently running a new Kickstarter to expand our Space Critters range. The core miniature is the Pelegian Sapper, Jhorka.

As well as this there are several current Stretch Goals in the pipeline ready to become a part of the rewards pool for those that pledge to the campaign. With many other ideas waiting in the wings to expand on the campaign.


The campaign also contains one very ambitious stretch goal with a £10,000 target that will see our first full transport size vehicle being produced for the Space Critters range that would be at home in most Sci-fi armies too. The Corydon. Though this is a bit of a Hail Mary it also gives an idea as to where we want to take the range in the future.

Stretch goals currently include a heavy support automaton that follows Jhorka around on his various assignments to offer bombardment, shelter from bombardment, and storage for alternative weapons load-outs. The M.U.L.E. will be twice the size of Jhorka and is also suitable for our Space Dwarf miniatures. We also have another Pelegian, like Jhorka, but this time as a sniper ready to take down your foes from a distance and a Porcupine-like race called the Pai-Paio. So if your interested, go and have a look and help to support the project over on the Kickstarter project page.


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