… and that’s a wrap!

Hi guys,

The last two parcels have been packed, and we are officially done with this campaign.


Part of this mornings dispatches at the Post Office.
Part of this mornings dispatches at the Post Office.


There are a couple of pledges that hadn’t fulfilled their survey and paid for their Postage and Packaging. Those that are a part of that group will have to contact me directly to sort out the delivery of their rewards.

Its been a long road to get to this point, but finally we have got here and its not without the patience and support of you guys. There were some quite major delays, but you should all have, or have soon, your rewards in your hands.


Heavy Battle Robots being sorted and counted.
Heavy Battle Robots being sorted and counted.


The campaign has enabled us to get some very cool things out to you guys and there is still more to come. While the delays held back the fulfilment of the pledges we were still busy in the background sculpting future miniatures and planning our world domination. By that we mean we’ve been working on our Skirmish game.


Our table at Blast-Tastic 2017.
Our table at Blast-Tastic 2017.


Last weekend we were at Blast-Tastic in Bristol where we demoed the game and had a great group get involved. We’ve had some feedback and are further developing the game with a small group of play-testers. We will be looking for some more as we go forward, so if you’re interested get in contact with us. You can also sign up to the newsletter over at http://www.dweorg.com to be kept in the loop as to when we will be looking for testers.

Right… for now, that is it from me. Our website will be down for the next week while some much needed maintenance is done and we make some changes. We’ll let you know when it’s all back up and running.

Thanks again for your support guys, and catch you all soon.



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