A thought on process – a train of thought by John Bryan

Earlier on today our sculptor, John, wrote a piece on his personal website. The run up to the campaign has been hectic for everyone involved and for John this threw up some questions regarding the process of design from concept to finished piece.

“With the campaign looming for the Dweorg Kickstarter i have been thinking a lot about the creative process, especially my creative process. It seems that there is an expected way in which, as a designer, you are expected to create your content. This process goes from concept to finished piece in a very linear way with the work being approved at various levels by those leading the creative team and steering it in the way of the overall vision for the project. This is a process i was very much involved in and followed for many years, but when i decided to venture out into the world of miniature production i shunned that process which had been so prevalent in all my work previously. I stopped creating full concept drawings an opted for sketches of ideas on a piece of paper and pulled the finished elements together in the final sculpt. It was no longer a case of a design for a specific project but a general idea that i wanted to convey in the designs. I found myself taking elements from previous projects and tinkering with them. It was in this way that the Dweorg were born and over a period of a few years while sculpting, cast and then converting those casts that the full idea behind the people came to be what they are today.”

Excerpt from Johns blog entry

If you want to read the rest of the post you can see it on his website over at http://www.johnlyntonbryan.co.uk/a-thought-on-process/ in its entirety.

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