Kickstarter incoming – part 1

Hey everyone,

This is the first post about our upcoming Kickstarter campaign for our dwarf miniatures. The campaign will contain nine new miniatures, a couple of faces you may recognise, and a Kickstarter/show exclusive miniature that will not be available via the online store and only through this and future Kickstarter campaigns or from our booth at shows. We have been working with a talented artist by the name of Megan Tupper who has been taking our briefs and turning them into artwork to depict the miniatures that are coming. We will be sculpting one of the miniatures prior to the start of the campaign so that you can see how the new images will translate into miniatures.

We’re getting rather excited about this campaign as it is our first one so along with the excitement there is a bit of a sense of the unknown which creeps in too. The campaign will allow us to make production moulds of the miniatures to be cast in resin as well as for us to make the master models in resin to be able to send to the mould maker. We have some interesting stretch goals in the pipelines too which will be showing up on the campaign and some sneak peaks prior to its launch.

The anticipated start of the campaign is in mid-August 2016 and will run for 30 days. We are hoping that we will have all sculpts completed and ready to be sent out to our backers by Christmas 2016, but this will also be dependent on factors outside of our control so we will be saying Mid-December 2016 to the end of January 2017 on the actual campaign to allow for any setbacks to the project via third parties like our mould makers or other such situations outside of our control.

Below are a couple of the images we’ve received back from our artists, Megan, and it’s your chance to vote on which one you would like to see sculpted first before the start of the campaign. If you’re a subscriber to our site you can just leave a comment below or you can go across to our Facebook page or group and vote there. We’ll be closing the voting on this in mid-July so that we can have enough time to get it sculpted and the comparison photos etc done to be included in the campaign information.

soledad-kickstarter-branded Brutus-kickstarter-branded Beia-kickstarter-branded

Some of the other possibilities for the stretch goals include a new and updated Bear mount with alternative heads, a new Mech suit with dwarf pilot, and some smaller battle robots. These are just ideas for now, but we will decide and refine them over the next coming months.

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